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Thinking of holding your special day at a great venue, but don’t know where to start? Here at The H Suite we have the perfect space, leading Birmingham Asian wedding venue that you can tailor to your very own specific needs and designs. We have covered a huge number of these celebrations over the years, and always have a highly successful time when ever we carry out these weddings. We co-ordinate with the client on what their needs are, and we have a great team behind us to carry out your wishes on the whole event.

The Birmingham Asian Wedding Venue

one of the finest birmingham wedding venues

one of the finest Birmingham Asian wedding venues

Having built a solid reputation on providing the clients with every thing they need, and meeting their demands, we believe we are the best choice for across Birmingham and the West Midlands for holding bespoke Asian weddings. We constantly monitor the clients instructions so they can be rest assured that their big day will go ahead with out any hassles or head aches from  us or their guests. Ultimately making their special day, well, special. We will even supply a dedicated events manger for you to further give you confidence in our services. When we go the extra mile for you, we’re pretty sure you will be more than happy in your decision to go with us.

Unique Points

We partner with only the most experienced decorators in this industry when it comes to decorating the venue to your tastes, giving the room and your day that touch of elegance that which we are sure will leave your guests impressed. Catering is also one of the things we offer, using only the most gifted of Asian cooks located in the West Midlands to create foods that your guests will be astounded by. These caterers are always available to you to give you support and advice on all manner of food related issues, even allergy advice if needed. We at The H Suite are confident that your Asian wedding will live up to the best of your expectations, if you would like more information or to make your special booking, you can call us here on 0121 456 4545 or email us at info@thehsuite.co.uk, where  one of our helpful staff members will gladly get in touch to assist you.


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