Is June or September the best month for a wedding?

It’s no surprise that June is one of the most popular months to get married as the weather is often beautiful and not too hot for you and your guests.

With 12% of UK weddings taking place in June and with the longest days of the year, it’s no great surprise why it continues to be a popular choice for all types of weddings.

June has been a popular choice for couples for centuries and even the name of the month has historical roots deriving its name from Juno, the Roman Goddess of Marriage.

Legend has it that if couples were married in June, they would then be blessed with prosperity and happiness.

June also happens to be the most beautiful month for wedding flowers particularly British Flowers such as scented roses, sweet peas, sweet william and cornflowers as well as the foliage being at its freshest.

September is however, often overlooked as the month of choice for weddings and yet there are some great reasons why September is the perfect choice for a wedding date:

1. Venues often have more flexibility in September to accommodate your preferred day of the week

2. With the average temperature for September at 18 degrees Celsius, September gives you the best chance of the nicest weather and the least chance of rain

3. Dahlia’s are in season which make the most beautiful flower choice for your wedding day

4. Although the nights are starting to draw in, you can make the most of beautiful lighting
choices inside with fairy lights, lanterns or candles

5. September 14th is one of the luckiest days of the year to get married

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