Make Mother’s Day 2019 matter as a Family Day

What to do for Mother’s Day 2019 in Birmingham

It’s that time of year again and the same questions about what to buy or what to do to delight our Mums or those maternal figures close to you this Mother’s Day arrive once more.

You can’t avoid the television adverts doing their utmost to persuade us that the best way to mark the day is with jewellery, flowers or chocolates.  But what do our Mums really want on Mother’s Day?

How we choose to show them that all they do for us is not just acknowledged but fully and whole heartedly appreciated as well as being made to feel special and loved is a challenge to say the least.

Things have changed since 1908 when the idea of Mother’s Day was radical and at a time when women had little power so no wonder a little appreciation on a dedicated day seemed so important.  

Nowadays we celebrate the fact that Mother’s Day can’t exist without children and Dads and the fact that we should be spending the day with all the people that make our families possible?  Almost half (42%) of the 20,000 mums recently polled by SunLife wanted to be with their family on Mother’s Day and we all know that Mums really do know best.

So, be part of the revolution and let’s reframe Mother’s Day as ‘Family Day’. Join us for our Mother’s Day Family Brunch here at The H Suite and take the opportunity to have quality family togetherness.

Mother's Day Brunch 2019 H Suite

Make special memories for everyone by spending time as a family with your Mum for 2019 as one of these days you’ll be pleased that you can say “I’m glad I did” rather than “I wish I had.” B