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Celebrate your day at our fantastic Mehndi venues


Be part of an unforgettable wedding experience by hosting the first day of your ceremony at one of the finest Mehndi venues in town. Our iconic grounds have been the first choice for hundreds of   glamorous couples in breath taking settings for a long time. This is mainly because we always go an extra mile to make sure every tiny detail of your occasion is specially executed to suit unique needs.

beautifully created mehndi venues

our beautifully created mehndi venues

Set in a nice, quiet and serene area, our venue provides just the perfect ambience to accommodate and impress all those who matter the most to you. What’s more, our venue space radiates simple elegance, with fine accents, high-end ceilings and fantastic dance floors.

The large and generous space available means we can adapt the venue to suit different audience sizes. Besides that, we make it possible for you to segregate the seating and dancing areas.

Expert guidance in creating your perfect venue

Our expert staff will guide you seamlessly through every step of the way. Our, aim is to provide you with a tailor-made experience. No matter how unique your needs may be, you can rest assured that we will do all it takes to bring them to fruition.

We even encourage you to bring your favourite Mehndi artist if you want to add that special extra touch to your great day. To make sure everything goes smoothly and without incident, our logistics team is always on stand-by and we are always open to meet with your party organizers beforehand to make sure your day lives up to or even exceeds your expectations.

Yet another benefit of arranging your event with us is the excellent food selection we offer. Our skilled chefs use the finest ingredients to guarantee a memorable eating experience.

Let your guests enjoy our wide variety of entertainment and outstanding cuisine, against a well thought-out setting.

We look forward to welcoming you to our stunning Mehndi venues soon; feel free to contact us for more information or to arrange a viewing of our stunning venue.

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